Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The cookie dream

Once, when I was a little child, I had a dream where there was a cookie army after me. Scared, I plunged into a dark house, but the cookies surrounded the house trying to get in. And woe is me, the chant they were saying was "Now it is time for you to die die die..."

Freaky or what?

Anyhow, I wrote this last night to establish a bit of sanity:

"So what are you hoping to accomplish here?" 

I paused in the doorway of the room of my mind, glancing at Inora. He looked back at me, emotions unreadable but clearly there. 

"Sanity?" I suggested. 

"Fat chance," scoffed Shadow (she's Inora's future girlfriend). She pushed herself off the wall, glaring at me. "What are you going to do when you're supposed to be writing a love scene between me and him?" She jabbed a finger at Inora. "It's almost like you're so lonely that you just create romanced for yourself to dream about." 

Both Inora and I flinched. Shadow and dropped her hand, eyes still glittering angrily. 

"And I can't dream?" I muttered. "I'll work something out, and you'll get your love scene," I spat. Shadow continued to glare. Then, she dropped her gaze. 

"Technically she wrote me out of a stroke of inspiration and then decided to put us together," Inora pointed out.

Intense unrecognizable emotion caught me and I sat down quickly. 

"I've let you guys grow too much. You make your own choices and shape your own future. Most authors just write. Somehow I'm different," I hissed remorsefully. 

"And what is so bad about that? Let's stay on topic here," Shadow snapped. Inora leaded back, folding his arms. I looked at him, trying to gauge what he was thinking. Nothing.

"I'm tired," I glanced from my mind to the realworld clock, "See you guys in my dreams."

"Hmph," snorted Shadow, "Get a life."

As they began to fade, Inora suddenly reached out and yanked me into a hug.

"I'll decide my future, okay?"

Shadow was fully gone, but I willed Inora to remain.

"But I'm not a character in Outcasts. What are you going to do when book three rolls around?"

"We'll see." And he was gone. 

I sighed, pulling from my mind and feeling sick with myself. What a mess. And Shadow was right - I need a life.

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