Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Seven minutes until I need to get off. *yawns again*

I have play practice (yush, I'm doing another play) everyday this week, and it's a bit chaotic. But that's okay, it's all fun. Also pray for me, I have auditioned for the next upcoming play and am hoping I got a part.

So, let me just talk. *slowly blinks* Wow, I'm beat. I don't even have energy cuddle with Pookee - wait yes I do. *holds Pookee* Who cares if I'm too old to have a stuffed animal? People are never too old for stuffed animal.

Sorry I don't post as much as I used to, but with school and everything, I'm finding it hard to get a decent amount of time here. And yet here I am yammering uselessly.

I'm thinking of creating some tag or whatever. Be back tomorrow or sooner!



The Golden Eagle said...

Never too old for stuffed animals. :)

Icewolf said...