Thursday, October 28, 2010

*rubs back of neck*

Heh, sorry Squeaks for freaking you out a little. Just excited about finding a book that I've looked for about 5 years.

So, yeah. *sigh* My blogging inspiration is dwindling. Racing against a clock doesn't help much either. :( But I deserve it. Once I gain my mom's trust I'll go back to longer posts.

*glances at clock* I have a little more time. So at school, I've been doing this clay project of a dragons and it is WICKED. The wings are huge but it stays put, and the only thing I need right now is the head and neck. Which I will confess will be the hardest part.

Auditions for the next play at our school coming up! ~yay!~ Pray for me!



Squeaks said...

LOL, don't worry about it :P I'm glad I was of help XD

Short posts are's important that we obey our parents, so I'm fine with short posts until you "finish time" XD I definitely am looking forward to when you can post longer, though :)

A fly on the wall of this blog,


The Golden Eagle said...

Your dragon sounds awesome. :)

Good luck with the auditions!