Monday, March 15, 2010

Brad Stine Rant

First off, I will start my rant by saying that I absolutely, positively, no doubt, LOVE Brad Stine. He will be now and forever (hopefully) my favorite Christan Comedian of all time. He can go on and on and on and I would cling to his every word...and my side to keep it from splitting in half from laughing. If you ever get the chance, look him up further on Youtube, but for now you can see my contribution on the side. Give him five minutes to five seconds to get you laughing. The first one I saw was at a Christan summer camp called Put A Helmet On where Brad Stine rants about how sensitive America is now adays. And I totally agree! How often can you go up to a person, point a minor flaw out, and then get chided aggressively about what you just said? Could people for once just lighten up a notch? Anyway, he brings out great points in hilarious ways. I can almost guarantee you'll have tears in your eyes and sore sides/cheeks from laughing and smiling. Unless of course you're really emo and have no emotions. But anyway, live, laugh, love, and as corny as that sounds, it's exactly what you'll be doing as you watch Brad Stine.

Wow, that sounds like a commercial....oh well.  

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