Saturday, March 13, 2010

Small reminder

Don't forget my stories down by the side. Just wondering if anyone has actually read them. All my stories that I'm working on are down there.

Anyway, Inora is feeling better. I don't know what was up yesterday, but when I thought of him, he was edgy. Today though he's more over laid back.

I keep munching on sour Icebreakers, which aren't really sour at all. If you want sour, you down a Warhead! *evil laughter* I love true sour candies. You don't really find them often. Which makes me sad. Where on earth do you find a warhead pack? Someone please help me!

*shuffles wings* well, that's all for today. But unlike yesterday, I do have more of my new story. Crystal meets a boy named Shadow (who has the immunity of a cockroach ((thank you _____ for helping me! just a friend at school)) and can withstand radio-activity but can't stand bleach), the three TS's (mixed sensory development, TS standing for taste sense), and Tex (high IQ). Bye!

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