Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Iggy Rant

Warning: If you have not read the Maximum Ride series, skip this!

I don't care what people say about Fang and how 'wonderfully perfect' he is, Iggy is DUH BOMB...almost quite literally. I mean, who wouldn't like a guy who is blind and can fuse bombs? Plus, Fang is way too emo and stuck on Max. Gazzy is cute, and Angel is creepy, and Nudge drives me insane how she might end up with Iggy and talks at 50mps. But Iggy? A sarcastic blind winged freak that makes me smile? You bet my feathers are fluffed. To be honest, don't tell him though, Inora was inspired to me by Iggy. He'd freak if he knew. Iggy...he can even feel colors! How cool is that?

*sighs* So boot out Fang! If Iggy died, I would go kill something in revenge. Fang can die, just not Iggy. Later people! *winks and flies off*


Jayden Black said...

FINALLY!! An Iggy lover, I have only met just one other!! Iggy is the best, I mean, he kicks butt on a regular basis and he is BLIND! How cool is THAT??

Icewolf said...

And you can not forget about the bombs! blind+bombs+winged+sarcasim= happy icewolf, feather ruffled happily

Screw Fang!!!

The Golden Eagle said...

Iggy: totally the bomb. Fighting when you can't see can't be too easy, and he can feel colors, and he's not as . . . perfect as Fang is. I think of Fang as the "dark and handsome" type, sorta, and, well, it's just too overdone.

Icewolf said...

repeat- screw fang!

Jayden Black said...

Lol!! Totally!! I mean, he picks locks, works bombs and kicks utter BUTT!