Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Story

My writer's block is gone!!!

Chapter One


            I smirked as around me kids filed out of school, talking on phones, listening to iPods, communicated with others, and walked home. They had no idea what was coming. I wondered faintly how they would react. I had gone through this in my head millions of times, during class, at home, or in my dreams.
            But this is my little experiment. My parents loved it when I use my head. Though I’m not sure if they’re going to like this one.
             I took a step. Kids ignored me. I took another. Nothing happened. I grinned more. Then, I shrugged off my book-bag. I glanced at the angle of the sun. It was right where I wanted it to be. Or more correctly, I was in the position perfect for my plan.
            I unfurled my wings.
            No, that is not a typo. I have beautiful red wings. Yes, I can fly with them. Also my brain has been stimulated to exert powerful amounts of energy at will. I can dull or sharpen my nerves and senses. In addition to those, like an octopus I can change my appearance (spare my height) at will.
            I was made to.
            Kids around me dropped their items. Screams and gasps echoed throughout the area. With a laugh, I snatched my book-bag and launched myself into the air. My powerful wings pushed hard on the down-stroke, causing me to soar upward. The wind rushed past me, drowning out the screams of my fellow students.

            “How was school, honey?” my mom called from downstairs. I remembered how I had flown from school to my house, a huge home on top of a tectonic formation between a hill and a mountain. It was really a pain to walk up it; my bus stop was at the bottom. But I had stamina after years of hill/mountain-climbing. 
            I landed gracefully onto the balcony that led to my room. At night I would often go for a fly before I went to bed, so my parents installed the balcony as a landing for me.
            “Fantastic,” I replied, which was my way of saying ‘fine’. I let my wings relax; there was no one to see them for miles but me and parents. I drew out my homework, studied the questions, and with a flick of my hand, projected the answers. Telekinesis has advantages.
            My dad poked his head through the door, frowning at me. “Crystal, come see this.” I got up to follow him. Instinctively I pulled my wings in tight. I did that when I felt scared or cautious. Like humans wincing or gulping, my wings reacted to emotion much like facial expressions. 


The Golden Eagle said...

Max Ride theme?

Icewolf said...

sorta, she is my semi-inspiration. i like the idea of wings though.

The Golden Eagle said...

Who DOESN'T want wings?

Icewolf said...

people with no imagination, but have a life ;D jk 'bout the life part