Sunday, March 7, 2010


 I'll start a little before I left. I think I'm going to have her go to these ruins near the corner states to hide out. But you never know what's there....

             “That was painless,” he joked. I smiled. I’ve seen these kind of meetings come and go, knowing my science name, E-3, like it was my own. My human name for social events was Crystal.
            Before we entered the motel, I quickly slid into my favorite appearance spare my normal one. I like to describe my hair to be like a tabby’s, rippled with stripes of brown on dirty blonde. My eyes were a golden color, just because I loved how it looked. 
            The lady at the desk smiled at us as we passed, and I noted her eyes dart warily at mine. I grinned back accompanied by a wave. My dad smiled too. At our room, my mom was fast asleep. I glanced at the organized items on our desktop, instantly wanting to mess it up. Just a little defect of mine. I hated orderly spaces. Which was why I also hated flying over cities, I wanted to tip over just one building so it didn’t look so neat.
            Later, I awoke in the middle of the night, half-expecting to walk over to my balcony and launch myself into the night. Until I realized that my bed smelled weird and the room color was different. Still, I got up and opened the window. The cool breeze floated over me. Feeling safe, I un-tucked my wings so they could cool down.
            The door creaked. Immediately I spun around, pressing my wings hard to my back. In the dim light, a figure loomed. There was a low chuckle.
            “You’re wanted by the government missy,” the man hissed. I practically heard the sneer in his voice. Suddenly gas filled the room. My vision swam. But mustering my strength, I turned and jumped out the window, snapping open my wings. Luckily I was too tired last night to change into my pajamas. The gas made my mind heavy, but the fresh air removed it from my system.
            I briefly thought of my parents. They would be worried, but later they would be glad that I was safe. If I could ever get back to them. I frowned, my brain thinking. The man probably would watch the motel with effort to see if I would return to my parents. After all, I’ve never been apart from them for more than school hours.
            I veered sharply west. That direction was the last place I would want to go, so it only makes sense to go there. My brain began to think again. Somehow that man had known where I was.  I formed a plan. If I was being tracked, then they could easily find me again. If they were tracking my parents, they wouldn’t.
            Testing my theory, I dropped to find somewhere to land.


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