Monday, March 8, 2010


              Days after and nothing seems familiar. My stomach clenched painfully as there was nothing moving that might possibly mean life; spare the wind, the grass, and the plants. I was somewhere in the middle of the corner states, tired and hungry. I was no being tracked, if so no one has shown themselves yet.
              The sun shone down mercilessly, stripping me of any form of comfort. But mustering my depleting will to go on, I feebly beat the air with my wings. I managed to rise off the ground in search of water.
            Instead I saw cliffs with beautiful red-brown rocks. Ledges provided safety and rest, so I pushed myself onward. No sooner than I had landed than a figure emerged from the shadows.
           “Who are you?” it asked. I landed hard onto the ledge, gasping with effort.
           “Cr-crystal,” I croaked. “Water.” The figure produced a water bottle of what seemed thin air. The sun was getting to my head, I realized with alarm, if I could see people bring water out of thin air. Nerveless, I took the water gratefully and chugged it down. Energy flowed back into me, and I sat up. The figure came closer to reveal a girl around my age.
           “The name’s Chef,” the girl held out her hand. “Welcome to the Refuge, or also known as the Anasazi Ruins.” I remembered faintly of learning about a lost race called the Anasazi at school.
           Chef nodded. “Experiments come here to escape. So where are you from?” Chef handed me a sandwich. My stomach snarled and I snatched the food.
           “I don’t know where I came from, my parents never told me our address,” I explained. Chef’s eyebrows knitted together.
           “Parents? Not scientists?”
           “Oh they were scientists, but they were also my parents,” I replied. Chef frowned, but before she could say anything else, another figure departed from the shadows.
           “Are you joining the Refuge?” a boy with dark hair asked. His blue eyes flashed. I mentally winced at their sharpness.
           “Sure, until it’s safe for me to return to my parents.” Chef snorted, but the boy held out something that distracted my attention. In his palm was a red-white pill. Inside it I could see a swirling substance.
            “This is to get rid of whatever tracker you might have anywhere in you body, and later I’ll have someone scan you for outward trackers. Can’t have anyone finding us,” he waved the pill closer. Obligingly, I took it. “Be warned,” he continued, “this’ll hurt, but you’ll live free.”
           I had major stamina. I didn’t think a small pill could do much until I popped it in my mouth and swallowed.
          Instantly I was caught in a wave of pain. My vision swam, and I felt like my whole body was on fire.

Dun dun dun dunnnnnn! ;D


The Golden Eagle said...

Ugh, PILLS. I HATE pills.

Icewolf said...

How else should they get rid of any trackers? Needles?

The Golden Eagle said...

Good point.