Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sparks fly

I really have nothing else to do, so I typed. Hope you like it. Spark is sort like Tamiki (if any of you have read my book Outcasts)        

            Instantly I was caught in a wave of pain. My vision swam, and I felt like my whole body was on fire. A scream pulsed through the cave. Both Chef and the boy winced, but darkness overcame me, and I blacked out.

            Weeks later, or so I was told, and I awoke at a dusty ruins place. Standing over me was a kid with striking yellow-white hair and sharp golden eyes. His hand hovered over my shoulder, and when he saw me blink open my eyes he smiled.
            “Good morning,” he chirped. I blinked. My wings felt really sore and the fire was slowly trickling away from my body.
            I was about to ask where I was, until I remembered my conversation with Chef. I grit my teeth and tried to sit up. The boy scooted back.
            “You’re a quiet one,” he commented.
            “I haven’t had a lot of people to talk with,” I pointed out. Most kids at school avoided me as if the already knew I was a freak of nature. The boy nodded.
            “Stuck in a cage?” he asked. I recoiled.
            “A cage? Heck, no! People at school never talked to me,” I protested. The boy blinked, and then laughed.
            “Chef did say you were raised different,” his yellow eyes saddened, “you’re one of the lucky ones. When I was young scientists always tested to see how high I could withstand amounts of voltage. Name’s Spark,” Spark held out a hand. I took it, offering my name. Spark led me out to what he called the main area. The sight left me awed.
            Red-brown stone was cleverly carved into passages. Similar colored dust covered the ground, making the area welcoming to me. I loved earthy areas. But that wasn’t all I was amazed at.
            All around me, other experiments were about. Some flew on awkward wings, some bounced, some crawled, some walked, and some just appeared out of nowhere. A couple of experiments sat on a ledge above a passage, shifting their very different wings.
            Spark smiled at me. He took my hand, and towed me along the passages.
            “I’ll first take you to Shadow so he knows that you’re up, and then to Chef to get something to eat. You must be hungry, the pills made me hungry,” he explained along the way. I was so busy sight-seeing, that I was unaware of something prickling along my arm. Suddenly, I was hit with a shock. Another scream ripped from me. Spark quickly pulled his hand away.
            “Oops, sorry. I forgot about my ability,” he apologized. I gasped in pain, my bones rattling.
            “A-ab-ability?” I stammered. The edged of Spark’s mouth twitched into a grin.
            “I have uncontrollable electrical pulses. Most of us here call it ‘going in shock’. That’s why I’m called Spark.”
            “No kidding,” I panted. “Okay, I’m good now.”

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