Sunday, March 28, 2010

We have E-2, E-3...

...who's E-1? Summary: Crystal unfurled her wings at school just to see what would happen. Her parents had to move, but the government found out and tried to take her. She escaped and flew to ruins where other experiment hide called the Refuge. There she meets Shadow, Spark, and Chef (her best friends ever), but Cougar, Sugar, and Elocin as well (not so good 'friends'). Dreams begin to creep into her life. They are of her destroying a city with the E-2 (her experiment brother Cougar ((she's E-3))). But there is one mystery unsolved. Who is E-1?

This is where I switch from Crystal's p.o.v to Shadow's. Here you go people!

            It was all I could do not to punch Cougar. With my eyes stormily shut, I sipped another bottle of toxic waste. The tingle of radio-active liquid soothed my throat. I felt Crystal stiffen next to me. Her beautiful red feathers were splayed as if they were electrified. I set down my cup.
            “Get out,” I growled. I glared at Cougar. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tess-one flinch as the taste of this scene became something vile. Crystal’s hair had turned a flame red and her eyes were a chilling blue.
            “What did you say?” Cougar rumbled, getting in my face.
            “Get. Out,” I repeated. “Before you start a fight. Do I have to get Elocin over here?” Cougar snarled once, but turned to leave. Fury waved off of Crystal as he stalked out of there. But under that anger, fear tinged the air. Dog was also inserted into me, so I could smell these kinds of things.
            I turned back to my meal. Spark was fizzling, his shocks refusing to go away. Crystal looked as if she were on fire with her red hair. Tess-one silently slipped away to the safety of her sisters. I felt as if I was a cat rubbed the wrong way.
            Finally, Chef came over to hand us drinks. It took our mind away from what just happened. Even though Spark didn’t get what Cougar meant by the ‘city’, he still figured out that it was making me and Crystal edgy.
            “Something’s gone wrong,” Chef muttered softly to me.
            “Cougar,” I spat out. Chef grimaced.
            “If he continues to make trouble in my area he’s gonna get it,” she whispered in her warm southern voice. I was instantly soothed.
            “Thanks, Chef,” I murmured to her as she left. She winked.
            “It’s my job,” she said simply.
            Later, I took Spark to his area first, and then Crystal to hers. Crystal still seemed very miffed when I left her, and I hoped she would feel better in the morning. Then, I turned to the sky. Stars winked back at me. I sighed.
            Crystal...and Cougar. Why was it that their parents always went with the ‘c’ names? I shuddered to think of my name before I founded the Refuge with Chef.
            My name was Cockroach. My parents didn’t care about, I had no destructive potential. I lived in the basement, surviving on laundry detergent, the only substance that made it past my immunity system. My parents only cared for my brother who never knew that there was another experiment hiding in his basement.
            And that experiment was me.
            Experiment One.

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