Friday, March 5, 2010

Outcasts Pics

I searched and searched and searched for the perfect picture. At the bottom I have pictures of the Outcasts and Inora. I love Photobucket, but sometimes it makes me angry.

Inora: you found a picture of me?!
icewolf: you bet!
Inora: *groans*


Jayden Black said...

Since I am new to this all...and I KNOW I'm going to feel stupid to ask this...but who is Inora?

Icewolf said...

*laughs* it's perfectly alright. inora is a character in Shadows (book three of Outcasts). He's very cynical and also my imaginary (even though i'm way to old) blogging buddy.

Jayden Black said...

Well thanks! *sheepishly grins* Inora sounds really cool! I really need to catch up on the books, I started reading them but then I had to log off, woops! But I will definetely catch up!