Monday, March 1, 2010

Writer's Block

...can'! *shivers* until further notice, my writings shall remain at a stand-still until my brain decides to be nice *yells at brain* work!!!!

inora: yelling at it won't make it better (if you haven't caught on, inora is offically my blogging buddy)
icewolf: sometimes it does!
inora: don't you have a life to get to
icewolf: the one outside of the computer room?
inora: yes...the one where you talk to people
icewolf: er, uh....why don't you get a life then!
inora: (-.-) i'm a character of a fictional book...thus-
icewolf: gah! *mentally deletes him from mind for now*

i have no life (;D)


Anonymous said...

LOL! I hate writer's block as much as you do. I sometimes talk to my fictional characters for fun lol.

Noko: Shimmer?
Shimmer: Yes?
Noko: You're annoying.
Shimmer: Well you're angsty.
Noko: You made me angsty.
Shimmer: O.O .... GO AWAY!

Icewolf said...

inora: *wide eyed look* who was that...she was.....
icewolf: stunning?
inora: *glows red* what?! no!
icewolf: sure *snickers*

Anonymous said...

Te He..I sense a romance..

Noko: Wat..?
Shimmer: Nothing, nothing at all, my dear. *Snicker*
Noko: Are you talking about that wolf dude over there?
Shimmer: Inora? Yes..
Noko: *flush* I don't like him! Besides, I don't know him!
Shimmer: *shoves her to Inora* Then get to know him!
Noko: ...h-hi.. *blush*

Shimmer: (To Icewolf) Ahh..young love.

Icewolf said...

icewolf: go on Inora, don't be shy!
Inora: *already red cheeks inflame* er, hi? M'name's Inora?
icewolf: wow, noko got under that sarcasm in less then two seconds than what would normally take two months...
Inora: what?! What sarcasm?! i'm not sarcastic *sarcasm*
icewolf: some girls like sarcasm
Inora: *rolls eye toward noko* anyhow, what's your name?

Anonymous said...

Noko: I'm Noko.
Shimmer: She likes scarcastic guys.
Noko: I do-! Mph!
Shimmer: *covering Noko's mouth* SHE DOES!
Noko: *broke free* Gasp! Cough! SHIMMER!
Shimmer: Sorry.
Noko: Sorry, ahem. My name's Noko! My favorite color's green, and..*blush* Yeah...I guess I do like scarcastic guys now.
Shimmer: AWWWWWW

Icewolf said...

Inora: *enflames* keyword: now?
icewolf: *trying hard not to laugh, jerking every which way*
Inora: are you going to join us at the Forest of What-not?
icewolf: be warned, things get crazy there