Thursday, February 25, 2010

Name Contest!

 This poor fellow needs a name. Profile-


Personality: kind, shy, semi-sarcastic, serious, fun, caring, and most times withdrawn

Lives: moving to Forest of What-not

Gender: male

Likes: forests, trees, quiet, and butterscotch

Dislikes: loud-noises,  over-optimistic creatures, and Wizard of Oz (sorry fans if you're out there)

Age: i have no idea. 'round the 1-100 area. ( ;D )


Anonymous said...

Since I like making up wierd names, here are my suggestions!


*Shrugs* LOL! That's all I've got.

Icewolf said...

I like Nakkat and Tikio.

....choosing...choosing...Tikio....I'm gonna tweak that a little to Takio.

I like it! Thank yous! Btw, the contest is still on for those who still want to take a whack at it!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Takio sounds better! :D

The Golden Eagle said...

Savena? Lakwirnot? Sheesh, the only things I can think of are strange.

(got a blog, by the way.)

The Golden Eagle said...

Thanks for follwing my blog, Icewolf! I'm now follwing yours!

Icewolf said...

you are welcome. I know how it feels to be left un-followed. it's sad. but you just have to visit people's before they visit yours. btw, how did you find my blog?

Jayden Black said...

Yo, Icewolf! First off, AMAZING BLOG! You are very talented. My bloggin' buddies call Jayden Black. That is not my real name tho. :) Jayden Black is the main character in my author's book. I would very much like to see more of these drawings! I love to sketch too, and you are very good.
Anyway, I would want to put my vote in for Takio. But, I would like to throw in "Zeff". Anyway, love the blog.

Jayden Black

Icewolf said...

thank you! icewolf isn't my real name either ;D the pic above i didn't draw, but in earlier posts i have a few. I just visited your blog. you have talent too!

Anonymous said...

Icewolf and Jaden both have drawing skills! *bows to masters* I am not worthy of your presences..

Jayden Black said...

Thanks to you both! Haha! I forgot to follow/look at the url on your blog so I kinda had to search through all of these freaken bloggers just to find it again, I was NOT a happy camper! Hahaha! I am really glad you like my blog, I am trying to get more posts up and soon! As soon as I'm not as busy with all the writing/sketching!

Anyway, happy blogging to both Shimmer and Icewolf!

You're winged friend,
Jayden Black