Wednesday, February 17, 2010


On both the top and bottom of this blog are voting booths. Please proceed to vote in them, I need the feedback! The one on the bottom may effect the future of Outcast-kind! The one on the top just tells me who's more popular so if I have them slated for extermination, they may be saved!

Yes, it is true. I do have a few characters in mind that could possibly die in Outcasts. Not telling who, and don't vote for everyone so that they'd be saved, I'll know. *mysterious look*

And I know other authors out there know a death makes a gripping book. (rant time!) Once I read a book where the character was presumed dead, and I hated the author and wanted to quit the book, but for reading's sake I kept reading. Later, I found out that he wasn't actually killed, just hit in the head brutally. But he didn't end up with the main character, so he might as well be dead. He was my favorite character in the book too....

Anyway! Please vote!

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