Thursday, February 25, 2010


I had a hectic morning anyway.  I thought we had a two-hour delay and my freaking alarm clock died on me. Thus, I got up at 8:40 when I'm to get to the bus stop 9:03. So I jumped out of bed, cursing my alarm clock, and rushed to wake up JK, my twin. He saunters downstairs while I try desperately to tame my wild hair....until he tells me only the school office is open.

So then my mom and I try to make eggs benedict. First we didn't have and hollandaise sauce mix and had to make it ourselves. Which was fine besides the fact that the recipe called for WAY to much lemon juice... Second, my mom was trying to save our hollandaise and told me to whip up the eggs. Then she realized that we needed fried eggs and not scrambled. So we took out a muffin pan, poured in the egg batter, and threw it in the oven with our bacon. The bacon was the only thing that actually came out right.

But at least it snowed and we have no school, right?


The Golden Eagle said...

It snowed where I am, too. Only I'm homeschooled, so if there's stuff on the ground, it's kinda irrelevant. Why go anywhere when your schoolbooks are at home?

(I should check out photobucket.)

Icewolf said...

You totally should! i LOVE photobucket! i shall repeat myself if necessary to the end of times! =D