Monday, July 5, 2010

Yeah, again

I'll be leaving again really early tomorrow, for MI baby!!! YAY! I love Michigan. But I'll be gone until the 28end so....yeah. Hopefully our hotel will have a computer with internet, so I can post, but if not, I'll most likely post again at my cousin's house.

I know you'll miss me. I'll miss you guys too! *tear* *Akov wipes my tear* *i smile and hug him*

Onto the next randomness, Inora is still gone. I miss him. Bleh. Those words taste foul coming out of my mouth, er fingers. But tis true. Blogworld isn't the same. Inora, if you're reading this, finish you're world tour quick!

Meh. So yeah, I'll blog again way later folks, SORRRRRYYYYYY. :(


The Golden Eagle said...

The 28th?! Aww, I'll miss you! Have fun in Michigan!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I might seee youuuuu...I live in MI, you know...>w< Charry can stalk you or whatevers.(Since he IS in the real world)

Icewolf said...

You LIVE here?! You are the BEST! I was BORN on this soil. Love it to death. Feircly loyal. Did you know even though I might spell 'feircly' wrong, it doesn't give me that word on spell check?

Anonymous said...

Hohoho yes. It's kinda damp and stuff today, but I luv it. Wouldn't live anywhere else! <3
I'm glad I found another Michiganian or whatever! >w<;;
Well, is spellcheck just let'cha off the hook this time! :D

Icewolf said...

I think the proper term is Michiganer. I say it. :D