Tuesday, July 20, 2010

HOME! *hugs computer*

Oh, I missed home. My computer, my house, the smell of my house...
Elphaba: OH THE SMELL OF HER HOUSE lols jkjk :)

...you shush. I'm not getting to you quite yet. As I was saying, my bedroom, the smell of my bedroom, the kitchen, the smell of the kitchen, my desk, the no-so-smelly smell of my desk...NOW Elphaba, explain why you are at my smell-ful house.

Elphaba: To teach you how to spell full.
Icewolf: O.O ...oops....er, urm....
Elphaba: I'm really here for campish stuff ugh I hate camping and not because its not fun its just im afraid of aliens(and monkeys on rare occasions)
Icewolf: And we mustn't forget the Weeping Angels. Even I'M scared of them. For those of you who haven't seen that Dr. Who episode, don't. It will scare you. My heart was pounding.
Elphaba: Ha you should have seen her on the way here she even took the earphone out of her ear and hid under her pillow.
Icewolf: I prefer not to watch people getting bitten in their throats (another dr. who episode on her ipod)
Inora: I IS HERE!
Icewolf: BYE!