Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hi, I'm back, thus I shall do that quiz thinger of Golden Eagle's....

1. It's summertime! What's your favorite thing about the season?
Swimming, staying inside and watching things buuuuuurrrrn. :D

2. What got you started on Blogger?
Reading Maximum Ride and wanting to see what having a blog is like. It's fun!!!
Inora (who is with me): No it's not. 

3. What's the most fun thing that's ever happened to you? (So far.)
Visiting San Diego. And meeting my bestest friends of all time, blognamed Tree and Ima. Looooong story. 

4. Do you like reading? If so, what's your favorite book/genre?
YUSH! Um, I read too much to have favs, but I have to say right now I'm liking Wild Magic by Tremona Perice (I think that's her name...)

5. Computers or other type of electronic? (e.g. cell phones, tablets, etc.)
Computers. Cell phones, okay, yeah I use mine, but not as much as I like my computer. 

6. Do you like to swim?
Yup. Yupyupyuyup.

7. Concerning music, what do you typically listen to? (If you listen to music.)
Christan stuff. KJ-52 right now. The album Five-two Television. LOOK IT UP! Heart-touching and funny. 

8. Cicadas; what do they make you think of?
Gar. *bombs trees in which they reside*

9. Would you bungee-jump, if given the chance? Have you ever?

10. Just out of curiosity, do you follow 100+ blogs?
Heck no. That's WAY too many for me. 

11. Why do you blog?
Cause it FUN. DUR. :D

So, yeah. Right now I'm using my cousins computer. They have the most awesome keyboard that goes *click click click* every time I type a letter and I type REALLY fast so the clicks go *CLICKCLICKCLICK*

Inora found me while I was camping, and he just sorta stayed with me. He decided not to visit the world, that Paris was enough. I think he just really was happy just to be back in the blogworld.

Inora: You bet I am. I don't know how you guys survive in that world
Icewolf: It's tough. :D

So far MI is not really that warm. Just how I like it. 


The Golden Eagle said...

I love your answers! :D

Keyboards that tick are great! They makes me feel more productive.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Your answers are great! >w<
*Click, clckity, click*

Icewolf said...

My life goal is to own an old keyboard so that is goes *click* everytime i type. It shall be AWESOME