Thursday, July 15, 2010

Icewolf: Meet my cousin Minny!
Minny: Hi peoplz of the blog world im here at my crib with Icewolf and stuff.
Icewolf: ......crib?
Minny: You know my homedizzle?
Icewolf: slang is wasted on me
Minny: Well i gots to school you ps. if you couldnt tell im not gangster at all.
Icewolf: interesting.
Minny: Is that all you can think of saying.
Inora: She has a very poor vocabulary.
Icewolf: :P
Minny: It is true Icewolf sorry.
Inora: Score.
Icewolf: you shut it. No one asked you here anyway
Minny: Here Inora do you think Icewolf has a poor vocabulary? now he was asked.
Icewolf: Well i meant he isn't supposed to be here with us in the blogworld
Minny: Well sence he is really you, and you are basicly here on the blogworld that means he should be here two.
Inora: See? All people like me. Correction, NORMAL people
Minny: Im not normal im a ninja.
Icewolf; Ninjas are appreciated here
Inora: ugh. Why are there no normal beings in this horrible world?
Minny: Your one to talk mr. werewolf!
Inora: Feh.
Icewolf: Meheh, now who has the poor vocab?
Minny: You two fight like children.
Inora: She has the same brain level as one
Icewolf: *sticks out tongue*
Minny: Well so how bout those hotdogs?
Inora: Want one? I could get Tamiki.
Icewolf; NO! No more characters!
Minny: Why its fun hearing you talk to your imajination like its real (phsycho)
Icewolf: You have no idea what it is like to be an author. Your characters appear EVERYWHERE.
Tamiki: I bring hotdogs!
Minny: Hay i write words sometimes and im allergic to hotdogs.
Tamiki: Fine, chicken dogs? They exsist.
Minny: Yah so does cow toung but you dont see me eating that.
Tamiki: That is because it is just unnatural to eat another body part. Gross. Chicken dog?
Icewolf: YUSH!
Inora: Pass *disgusted*
Minny: *Decides instead to eat stick*
Inora: Ouch. Doesn't that hurt?
Minny: Chicken Dog or stick hmmmmmmmmmm stick and pain please.
Tamiki: Heh. And here I was, thinking that WE were the weird ones.
Inora: Speak for yourself
Icewolf: *just grins*
Akov: Sup
Minny: Why hello random person Icewolf has told me nothing of.
Icewolf: He's my buddy
Inora: *cough* boyfriend
Icewolf: Is not! Just something in between
Akov: *blush*
Minny:Get in Line after Zef.
Akov: Who is this Zef?!
Icewolf: Um...he's in the realworld, and he's my pet zebra. You are my blogworld something-inbetween-buddy
Icewolf: You shut it.
Inora: Never
Minny:*Leaves to let Akov and Icewolf sort out there relationshis issues.
Akov: *looks at computer screen* we don't have issues!
Tamiki: Sure you do, just not with your relationship
Inora: burn
Icewolf: Gar you. Leaving blogworld!
Inora: Noooo!


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Haha... you can make a boring night incredibly entertaining. I'm cracking up... and my family, well they think I'm high or something. But its all good.

Oh... by the way, I'm ninja too!

With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann

The Golden Eagle said...

LOL. That's hilarious. :D

Jayden Black said...