Sunday, July 4, 2010


Didja miss me? Huh? HUH? Cause I know I missed you guys! (slight 'aw' moment). When I started typing again, my fingers were really clumsy. The only button that I could actually hit dead on was the backspace button. >w<

Over on my other blog, we had a blast at the dance for Akov. It ended sorta bitter, but all was well. I also missed my characters.

I saw in the comments that you guys wanted a female character for Inora! We-hel, I'm looking for one, and it's not working too well. I'm off to photobucket to look for an awesome picture of a wolf that I really like so that I can name it and insert it into this blogworld.

Oh, and Inora is right now hunting down Noko* in the real world. Charry* and Noko escaped from the blogworld into the realworld (typed like that on purpose! :D), and hence Inora discovers that his crush, Noko that is (Charry has a crush on Inora, not vise versa), he races into the portal to go find her. Heh. A post without Inny.

Akov: This is going to be...different.
Sauntoyi: You're telling me! What are we going to do without Inora's sarcasm?
Tamiki: Always the voice of worry. Inora is probably searching for fireworks.

That's right! I keep forgetting today is the day our founding fathers declared ourselves apart from Britain. I could go all patriotic right now, but I'm not. The only thing I want to say is, I'm glad we aren't of Britain anymore. There is no WAY I would enjoy speaking in that *shiver* accent. For some reason it drives me up the WALL.

Also, today is my half birthday! Yays! And tonight I might go see fireworks with my dad. :D


Last week I was at Creation Fest 2010 baby! The best place for a Christian to be for a week! Basically it is a week long consert of Christan singers and speakers. You be come moved and do move.

Creation is hot, sweating, and lacks AC. Which I can live with. But I don't really like getting burned... so yeah. I saw people like KJ-52, Toby Mac (aweeeeeeeeeeeesome), David Crowder Band, and speakers like Reggie Dabbs, Justin Lookadoo, and Bob Lentz. And since I lacked paper, I resorted to writing on my arm to take notes.

Well, bye for now blogworld.

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The Golden Eagle said...

If you don't like British accents, don't watch BBC World News LOL.

Happy half-birthday! :D

Let's hope that Inora doesn't do anything totally ridiculous out in the real world . . .