Saturday, July 17, 2010

Minny is now Elphaba. :D

Yup. Our Minny has moved on. *teartear* She now has her own blog Please mind the spelling. She's....challenged. *grin* don't tell her I told you that...even though she's-

Icewolf: *SCREAM*
Elphaba: Grrr Its not that bad!
Icewolf: We had to look up how to spell 'Sirius'
Elphaba: Yah well you had trouble with that one too
Icewolf: *whispers to blogworld* she just corrected a few typos
Inora: To Elphaba- wow. To Icewolf- no comment
Icewolf: GAH! Stop coming here! *whips out flame-torch and blasts*
Inora: *cooly blows it away with a puff of magic*
Elphaba: You to need some time away from one another but since I am not surgically qualified to cut a head in half i guess you cant *sigh*
Inora: You don't know how scary it can be in her head, so I escape often.
Icewolf: *daze*
Tamiki: What is this Yugi-oh book I found inside your mind covered with hearts? Does Akov have yet another rival?
Elphaba: Hardly he looks constipated :}
Icewolf: HE'S NOT CONSTIPATED LOOKING!!! O//////O U-uh...that's Sauntoyi's.
Sauntoyi: You've got to be kidding.
Akov: ANOTHER one? How many guys are there?!
Icewolf: Zef doesn't count.
Zef: What I dont count how dare you?!?!
Icewolf: GAH! Z-zef! Er....uh....I aren't.
Zef: Hmph well that who is this Akov?
Akov: I had Icewolf first. *sticks out tongue*
Icewolf: Maybe we should have a poll........


♥Brielle♥Young♥ (aka Bleah Briann) said...

haha... I love it. :)

With Love and Blessings,
Belah Briann

The Golden Eagle said...


Jayden Black said...

Mike: NOT AGAIN!! *whimper*
Jayden: Well THIS is going to be fuuuunnnnn.....*evil sneer*