Sunday, July 25, 2010

My notebook!

I promised pictures, and thus I shall grant you some. WARNING: They are going to be horrible. Brutal. Painful. This was what I call my discovery book. I discovered how to draw as I do now. And they're all of the same thing...wolves. *sigh*

This is Angel, a character in Outcasts.

Tipha, a random Lethroe that can control lightning

A picture of Xela that I drew

 That's supposed to be Flamdura, and I didn't really feel like coloring him in. *wince* yeah, that's pretty bad...

I don't want to talk about this one. I just hate it. So many mistakes... ah well, all was necessary for now, right?

I have to admit, this is the best old technique (paws were different, eyes, ears) drawing that I have ever done. I like this one the best of all!

This is Bullet, from Outcasts, and I don't have the chapters with him posted any more for saftey reasons. :(

No caption. Bleh.

This is a mother wolf and a puppy running away from something... I don't quite know what...

This is the start of the new technique, with triangular paws, and abnormal proportions.

Aurum howling at the moon.

This is a wolf called Empafire, urged to be drawn by my friend.

Aura light, with Aurum!!!

Tamiki flying. I tried to do a ying yang thing with Tamiki and Akov, but it by the time I finished Tamiki, he had taken up most of the page...
Akov: Hog.
Tamiki: Heh.

Kovvie!!! This is the best picture of him ever!!!

 Ah, the start of the minis.

Another Shadow awesomeness.

Kayla yelling at Xela's children. Meheh.

Tamiki and Xela. I wish I could get rid of Xela, because Tamiki was awesome alone in this.

Urgle... badbadbad *wince*

Mini comic!

Xela's first run with Tamiki. This one I like the best, because it shows Tamiki in his element, happy and joyful, and Xela as the clumsy newbie.

Another Shadow picture. I like drawing her. She's an awesome character. :D

Outcast's Christmas!


Sora, the random character.

X-filer's wolf, Shar.

Angel. Her legs are short, yes.

This is the Christmas Spirit in wolf form!!!

Ah, some of you might remember this one. This is INROA!!! See, I draw him, and then three days later, I realize that he's the one that I drew, and then I yell at my notebook. It's complicated. It happens every time too.

Inora and Shadow. They are destined to be together in Outcasts. But that's just the story.

Eh, something.

Um, I think that's an illustration of Xela crying because she was confused about everything, and Tamiki trying to comfort her but he can't reach out to her because he is in dream form. Another one of my favorites.

I drew this for a friend, to demonstrate my drawing powers. Muahaha.

Again, some of you might know this wolf. He is Wolf X, named so on this blog.

*shrug* Again, I dunno

Ah, the start of blog-drawings. This is for the World of What-not, WAAAY in the begging. Shimmer and her key necklace, Mango Koala and her cake, and me with my wingies!

Those were other blog-related pictures

For both of those, I don't really know.

This just reminds me of Maximum Ride. Sorta like Max in wolf form, you know?

This is the tutorial wolf I drew for you guys, do you remember? :D

World of What-not picture! This was when it was just Shimmer and me, blogging about our random adventures. You guys probably won't know Jr., but he's one of Shimmer's characters. What happened to him, by the way, Shimmer?

This is and ICF that I never got to posting. Yeah, Inny is smiling. ^w^

X-filer desperately wanted me to draw him something...even though he makes fun of what I draw all the time...

YAY! Finally something un-wolfy. My awesome sea-dragon.

Use your imagination and you might see wolfies.

This was when Inora was captured, remember? *laughs* Ah Varjo.

I was going to post this when Inora escaped into the Realworld, but I was going on vacation soon. This is of Inora, alone and ready to start out on his own.

The last picture, and the start of a new era in my drawing, manga! I hope to be able to draw exceptionally well, eventually. This is only the second Yugi drawing I've done, and I'll show you the first in a second.

In my new notebook, I took that with me to Michigan, so I drew in there before I completed the old notebook. Here is the little that I have:

Ignore the comic, that isn't mine, but I'm showing you the first (horrible) drawing of Yugi. *shiver*

Tis one of my friends, and the first other person I drew.

*phew* Finally. Done. Enjoy!!!


The Golden Eagle said...

I love the drawings! I dunno why, but I like the one of Flamdura, esp. :)

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of your mad skills!!! *w*

Icewolf said...

Thank yous! *bow*

Whiskfang said...

I like the doom of inora one and the sea dragon

Scezzle said...
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Scezzle said...

WOWWOWWOWWOWWOW!!! You are SO good at drawing! XD

I love the dragon, your minis, the mother wolf and her pup, etc. :D