Thursday, July 22, 2010


Thanks those at the world of what-not! Now we are at 34 comments! Happy!!! I didn't want to post it on that blog, wondering if I should get a new post set up, or if the lake trip should continue. I dunno, you guys tell me in the comments.

Also, I finished drawing in every page of my notebook! YAY! I'm downloading pictures now, so that you can see the gbu (good, bad, and the UGLY).

This notebook started waaaay back, like last year. That's a long time in Icewolf's drawing years.

Gotta go! Bye blogworld!


Jayden Black said...

Icewolf, whatcha gonna do about the poll Bahaha!!

The Golden Eagle said...

The lake trip is fun, but we can always terrorize another area with our characters. :D

Jayden Black said...

Si! We could do....hurrr....OOOO! We could party at one of our character's houses!

The Golden Eagle said...

Yah, we could do that. That would be total hilarity. :D

Icewolf said...