Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just read.

Hey blogworld! I'm back! I was at a summer christian camp, and it was AWESOME. I really felt close to God. Like, do you really know what he went through to save you? And me? And the kid who is the quiet nerd in class? Or even the people in jail for crimes that are so horrible that they should never have mercy? But He grants them that mercy and love to everyone.

There was one night where we talked about the crucifixion of Christ. I have heard that story about a thousand times. At first it was 'yeah, just another bible story'. But then I really thought. Let me tell you a story that sums up the bible:

There once was a King (yes, interpretive). He loved his people, and cared for each person. One day he created the most perfect kingdom for them, but was corrupted. His people slaughtered each other, stole, abused in many ways, and it broke the King's heart to watch what was to be perfect destroyed. 

This King had a Son. 

The Son, though terrified of his fate but willing to obey His Father, was betrayed. He was put into shackles and chains. 

Pilate was presented one day, an innocent man. The crowd jeered and shouted for this pure man to be crucified. Pilate knew the man was not guilty and did not deserve this punishment, but he gave in to the crowd and sentenced the Son to die.

The Son was beaten with whips. On the end of these whips were probably shards of glass, metal, and other various sharp objects. People often died at the whipping. He was mocked. A crown of thorns was shoved onto his head, with thorns that are said to be around 2 inches thick. Then, even with so much blood lost the Son carried a heavy cross.

The whole time, He did not fight back. He didn't condemn his prosecutors. And He kept going. 

At camp, on that night, we went to different stations that symbolized what Jesus went through. In my thoughts I remembered how the crowd asked Jesus "Why don't you save yourself?"

Because he was saving them. 

I can't speak publicly very well. But I type well. And if I have enough time to think about what I'm saying, I can put it into words. I may not be the best, but I'm something for God. I'll start here.



Jayden Black said...

"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." is my favorite quote of his, ever!! Nice post Icewolf, made me feel good! :'D

Icewolf said...

Thanks, I feel good putting it out there! Jesus loves you! <>< (Jesus fishie!!!)

♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Oh... thats amazing. Its cool to hear you talk like that, 'cause you usually just do your silly thing. *wink*

Anyways... that was really cool. And I agree! Made me feel good too.

<>< ;)


With Love and Blessings,
Bleah Briann