Sunday, July 4, 2010

Inny's real world

Hey, this is Inora. I'm in the realworld. And it is sorta scary. I'm typing from some dude's computer that I stole. No worries, I'll bring it back to him. I'm no theif.

I'm shaking. I'm not used to my human form yet. See, when you are in the realworld talking winged werewolves with magic isn't exactly what is called 'acceptable'.

But this is also cool. Like, food here smells great (and with a werewolf nose it smells even better), even though it costs money. I'm going to have to find some money. Heh. Wait!

Oh my goodness. A wad of money just appeared in my pocket. (...) Lemme try this....darn. I just tried to think a laptop into being, cause I sorta need a laptop -

WTC! *fumble* *save post, log-off, chuck computer at owner, log on* This tricked-out laptop just came out of nowhere! Cool! So all I have to do is type that I need something, and I guess my magic inside is wacking out in the realworld so is chose to work itself over my needs as I type them!

I need a cheeseburger, and a Mountain Dew.

HA! I rule. Isn't spontaneous uncontrollable magic great? *sips soda* Ahhhh. In any case, I think I'm going to travel the world, so I'll keep you posted blogworld! Icewolf, sorry, but I'll come visit you soon! Don't worry, I am going to brush my teeth and stuff.

I need:
A map
A protable portal (to go where I want to)
Essential hygiene products

This is going to be fuuuun. Bye blogworld!  


The Golden Eagle said...

Don't get yourself killed hunting for Shimmer's characters, Inora! We'd all miss you! ;)

Inora said...

We-hel, Golden Eagle, I plan to thrive lively in the realworld, so I'll try not to. I wonder if I die here I come back to the blogworld?

And trust me, I'm assure you that I am not hunting Charry. Just Noko. If I run into them, yeah, I'll say hi. Later!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping, Inora! ^^ If you find them, give Grace, my cat, a ring, ok? The number's easy.
Be careful! >w<

Grace said...

Yup. But bring tuna!