Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yup, book working is on the list

I just got back from writing more of Awaking, and here is sorta a sad scene I wrote.


            The Outcasts trudged onward through the underbrush of the Ever-growing Forest. All Kayla knew was that they were heading north for some reason that was absolutely vital for Xela. It was always Xela this and Xela that. Why was it that Xela seemed to be the center of the Outcast’s lives? She sighed.
            “What’s wrong?”
            Kayla jumped, looking behind her in a startled manor. Flamdura. He looked into her eyes with his vibrant yellow ones. They seemed to say ‘It’s okay, you can tell me anything’. She felt a tug in her heart, and found herself telling him what was going on.
            “I can’t stand all this…magic,” Kayla spat the word. “It is always about Xela isn’t it?” Near the front of the procession, Xela winced. Kayla glared at her form leading the way. If she heard, well. It was her fault after all that she drew others around her like a blanket.
            Flamdura cocked his head, about to say something when suddenly, Xela appeared next to Kayla.
            “Can we talk?” Her fur bristled slightly, and her tail was lashing fiercely. Kayla didn’t need to be a Lethroe to know that she was really angry.
            “S-sure,” she stammered.
            “We’ll be catch up, Tamiki,” Xela called out to him. Tamiki nodded without turning around, and only Aurum looked behind to see who was going with Xela.
            Xela gently nudged Kayla off the path and onto a parallel route out of ear shot. They walked together in silence. Kayla felt the time stretch unbearably, and she just wanted it to stop. Words were better than silence.
            Finally, Xela spoke.
            “I had a talk once with Morano about leaving the Outcasts,” she stated simply, looking into the distance.
            “Morano from the Forest Pack?” Kayla asked, remembering the green wolf. The last she saw him was that night when they had left. They had set Tamiki on edge and he urged (if not in words) the Outcasts to leave.
            “Yeah, right before that battle. I can’t remember some of it but I remember that I…I wanted to leave all you guys. But I wasn’t planning on getting captured,” Xela added with a grin. Kayla couldn’t help but laugh. A sudden rush reminded her of the old days, back when Xela was human and Kayla was her friend. They used to joke and laugh about things that weren’t funny at the time all the time. She smiled at Xela, glad to feel some positive emotion again. Xela smiled back, and continued solemnly.
            “I hoped that if I left that you guys would be normal. Morano set me right on that. And so did Ironamo. But do you think that I want this to happen?” The amused light in her eyes had disappeared and now dark shadows formed in Xela’s face. “Do you think I wanted them to always want to please me and be around me while you were alone and outcast? That I wanted my friend since first grade to suffer the loneliness that was always with me until I became one of you guys?
            “I hated changing who they were. I was naïve back then, but now whenever I think about how much Tamiki and Aurum compete…”
            Kayla saw her companion’s face twist in utter and complete self loathing.
            “It makes me sick.”
            When no more words came out of Xela’s mouth, Kayla jolted in realization that she was done. She was all caught up in seeing how Xela felt.
            “I…I’m sorry, Xela, I didn’t know…” Kayla managed to force out. There weren’t really any words to describe the sympathy she felt now. Xela turned sad, dark blue eyes onto her.
            “And as we speak, I’m changing you too. And I hate it!” Xela screamed. “What can I do to stop? What can I do against my own nature?” Her last words ended in a shout, a cry of anguish.

Bwahahahahahaa. Hope you liked it!  

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