Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School *sigh*

Let me tell you, I'm not going to have what would be considered 'the best of school years'. That sorta happened last year.

Science: Okay. I know. I don't hate this class, but at the same time, I don't really love it. I hope that it'll improve throughout the year, and if not, I'm doomed.

Drama: BEST CLASS. We play games to learn. GAMES. What isn't awesome about games?!

German: I really really really want to learn and grow in this class, but as of now, I suck. I can't say anything past the alphabet. I was a little disheartened after this class.

Honors American Studies: English and History COMBINED. I like this class, and I can survive, but do we have to rely on Google Docs all the time? Hello, that's what paper is for? That's what TREES are for! All in moderation though. ;D

Lunch: Yes, this is like a class. I'm not to thrilled about it because I have no friends there and the people I sit with are...weird...and very different from me...

Art: I nearly came out of this class crying. Yes, that isn't a typo. Crying. Everybody has natural talent at just flat out drawing, but me. I SKETCH. And when the teacher declared sketching wasn't allowed, I nearly broke down then and there. I can't draw without a rough copy first. It just doesn't work. But one nice kid saw my fail in the trash can and said it was really good, and he meant it because it wasn't like he knew it was mine. So I quickly fished it out when no one was looking and put it in the teacher's pile. *sigh* And I love art, but not "contour lines". Ugh.

Gym: Two words. EVERY. DAY. Da horror!!!
All the jockeys: YAY!
All the peps: WHEEE!
All the emos: *sighs* *glare*
Me: ....eep....

Math: I'm okay with this class. Not much I can rant on.

All in all: I'm doomed.


I feel like going and eating something. But, I also feel like ranting...

How about the topic of writing? Hm? How many writers we got out there? *multiple hands raise* Good.

I find it very hard to write when there seems to be a lot of noise. Well, loud, constant noises always bug me, but still. I just need a quiet area where I can think about what will happen next in my characters world. Also, my characters often seize control of me and say stuff. As you guys have see before...

Oh! Random topic: turkey dogs. There is no better substitute for hot dogs. I personally just cannot eat hot dogs. They are very very gross and I despise them. Turkey dogs on the other hand taste TOTALLY different. It's the imitation of heaven in turkey dog form, and that is pretty dang good right there. :D

I have to go and do work now. :P Bye.




The Golden Eagle said...

I was never really interested in German, but I did know a girl who was taking a language class in it . . . Me, I'm trying to learn Chinese. :P

Me: "Ni hao!"
Chinese person: "Is that all you can say?"
Me: "I can tell you that car is red!"

LOL. I really need to work on that.

Loud noises bug me, too. I need QUIET to do anything.

Okay, long comment. I'm rambling. Goodbye now . . .

Icewolf said...

*laughs* Guten tag! (which means good day).