Friday, September 17, 2010

Everything is art

I just got done with getting a major Honors American Studies project. It was awful. I'm not going to go into details tonight because my brain is fried. My dad got home from a two week long trip, and it feels so nice to have him back. He got me Swiss chocolate!!! Tis called Toblerone. Anyone heard of it? It's really good. Any chocolate taste phenomenal to the simple American who is used to plain cow milk American chocolate. But ooooohhhh.....foreign chocolate is a interesting trip for my taste buds.

He also brought me a German hotel flyer. I liked going through it and attempting to know what it says, and the only thing I could recognize was erstklassigen which means 'upper class'. I only knew the 'klass' part because 'klassenzimmer' literally means 'classroom', so I knew part of that word had 'class' in it. It felt good to know something in another language.

On the topic of languages, one of my friends said 'shut up you stupid American' in Japenese and it was downright hilarious! I asked him to say it again and now its just so awesome.

Okay, rant time!

I really love and hate my art teacher. I've had this problem before. I really like my teacher as a person but not how they teach. For example, two years ago I had a teacher who I just didn't like how she taught us as if we were freaking 10 years older. It way over my freaking head.

So in art class, you know how you express yourself through creative colors and lines on paper or building? Well, apparently to her it's all about how you go about it. And it's really repetitive with her. She likes things cropped and overlapped, nothing in the center, and is really over-your-shoulder about EVERYTHING. She can't encourage well, and favors the naturally talented art people.

I may have some talent, but I'm in that class to expand on that and gain more talent, not look at the praise others get and feel awful that I don't have that skill. I just hurt in that class because I'm not great, I don't stand out.

Does that lady appreciate art for the beautiful thing it can be? Its a story all foretold in one instant, one glance, and you can create a story, a life, and a thriving creation. Art started and hasn't died out. Even cavemen drew! But of course cavemen didn't exist because Adam and Eve were intelligent enough to light a fire, so even then, there was art in all that they did.

Dance is an art. Movement can be an art. Feelings, paintings, stories, technology, anything! All of it can be an art. God made it that way, to be a beautiful thing, and if you look closely enough, beauty will surround you.

Anyway, I'm not sure she gets that art is expression, and not just composition. It may play a vital part in the expression, but for the most part, artist don't think, 'Oh I need to crop this so it doesn't look boring.'

Feh. Thanks blogworld for going through my rants!

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