Monday, September 20, 2010


Your favorite thing about September:  THE COLD!!!
What you wear in September: Sweatshirt (previously black, but I added green and red to the mix :D), short-sleeve under, jeans, and shoes. :D 
Activity you do in September: Read outside in the nice cold. 
Your idea of how a fairy would dress:  Random, uh, in a dress made of snow?!
Your idea of how an elf would dress: Long awesome elf dress, what else?
Your favorite tree: Dogwood. And willows. Maples. Not so much pines.
Your favorite September color (orange, yellow, red, gold, brown, etc): RED! NO FREAKING QUESTION ABOUT IT.
Your favorite feeling in fall? The feeling of stepping outside in the morning to a fresh, crispy cool day, sensing winter in your bones coming. I can smell snow by the way, so I know when it's coming! ;D

Now add your own question and continue the pattern!

Bleah, Eagle, Shimmer, Jayden. Have fun!


The Golden Eagle said...

I love the smell of snow/autumn. Whenever I say the weather smells different, my mom looks at me like "huh?" but really, there is a change!

Icewolf said...

FINALLY! I seriously smell cold. It's so awesome!