Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Drawing Heartless

I'll post the picture's of Kingdom Hearts...again....

So, so far German, as I learned, talks a lot in the back of my throat *wince*. If I do it for a while, my throat hurts. You know what? I feel like writing. Did I tell you guys about Steel? No? Yes? If not, sorry, you'll find out later. If so, then alright, good for you.

His world was water. He was water. The whole of his being flowed and ebbed with the flow, like waves on a shore. All was peaceful.

Suddenly, fire plunged into the depths of his solitude. A mouth he never knew he had opened and let loose a muffled scream of agony. Water ripples, circling and spinning against natural forces. 

A voice. It wasn't a pleasant voice, moreover it sent chills up a spine that hadn't existed before. He blinked eyes which formed, thought that weren't his own, a mind that wasn't needed, a body he didn't want. Why couldn't he remain the way he was? What was happening? How come these questions were coming into his new mind? He didn't need them to live. He was torn from himself, and tossed into the harsh world of air, spice, fire, emotion, stone, and pain. 

The newborn creature opened his yellow eyes. A chirp of confusion escaped from within. In front of him, a being of fire shuffled her bloody paws. Cuts along her forelegs were easily visible on her blue scales. The newborn turned to glance behind. A basin of water was ringed with dark red blood and shadowed with fire was the sight he saw. 

His throat constricted, and sound came.

"Who am I?" 

The creature of fire pulled her mouth into an odd shape. She handed him something. He knew nothing, but suddenly his brain raced with knowing. 

He held a shadow rose. The creature of fire was a dragon. He had been created to serve. Powers sprang to his knowledge. 

His name was Steel.

And I just failed epically for the last two days to upload that video I created for this. Ah, well.

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