Monday, September 27, 2010

So hello Blogworld

Tis I. I feel like, since my characters have been so kind to me, they should get their own posts. Sorta like that blog I used to have, the one where my characters got to have a post to themselves, but that didn't quiet work out did it? So instead, I'll let them just have a little chat about themselves.

First off, onto center stage, is Xela.
Background: main Outcasts character. She is innocent of the mythical world until she turns into a werewolf on her fifteenth birthday. She meets the Outcasts, who accept her automatically into the pack. I characterized her as kind, thoughtful, and sometimes very obtuse. Xela tends not to notice when one wishes to inflict affections onto her, but constantly expresses her love for others through actions. She is the main antagonist's, Ironamo, daughter.

Her say: Hey blogworld. I know I don't really come on here a whole lot - that's Inora's job. Speaking of which, I could talk about him...well I know he's come from a tough background and all, and it is SO worth digging up deep into his kinder side. He may seem a little heartless, but he's actually really sweet. I am part of the Four, which is a no brainer with me level of magic. And I'm not going to tell who else is in the Four with me, because that would SO ruin the moment of when you find out. Let me just tell you,
it'd be one heck of a surprise. So go on, guess. Anyway, what I think of myself? I wish I wasn't magical and a normal werewolf. It's not great to be able to know what others are feeling. Sometimes I get headaches or even pass out.

But yeah, so onward to the next character, huh Icewolf?

Right, next is Akov.
Background: Former assassin of Ironamo. One of the main characters in Outcasts. He comes into play around the middle of the first book by exploding Aurum and Tamiki's house. He only wants to please Ironamo, until he meet Xela and falls in love with her. He helps her escape in the second book, get recaptured protecting her, and falls in love with another assassin of Ironamo's, Juniper, who is also Ironamo's daughter. His type: daughters of madwolves apparently.

His say: Well, thanks Icewolf for that intro. Really appreciated the comment on my type. *rolls eyes* Anyway, I consider myself a dark shade of a character, trying to find my own slice of light in the world, and find it in Tamiki. He's my Opposite, which only happens every say 300 years. But we're the first Opposites to be Dark and Light. There have been Fire and Ice, Air and Earth, and Sun and Moon. But never pure raw elements like shadows and light. Features like eyes and fur usually define opposites, hence my silver eyes. Originally though, Icewolf had my eyes white until she decided then that all others could really see was my iris, which would have been creepy, and silver was SO much better. More divine I think. I also tend to incline my thoughts toward strategy, a shadow of my past as an assassin. And... I don't really feel like saying anything else.

Divine Heart
Background: Considered the most powerful single Lethroe in the whole of the Outcast world. If you combined the sets of the Two, Three, and Four of the prophecy, they'd outstrip him by far, but separate they'd have no chance. His comes in around the middle of the second book to help the Outcasts prepare for the prophecies that are about to unfold through them.

His say: I don't have much. Compared to the Outcasts, I feel pretty humbled. They have something I don't, a family. They share no blood, but share deep bonds that can't be undone. They even have bonds with those who don't exist in their pack yet. For example, there is (name withheld for surprise!) who wasn't even born when my pack tried the Night of Awaking (basically a song a pack of Lethroes sing when they when they think the True Pack is alive to bring them together), and once he was born it was on the minds of the Outcasts until they found him. It was quiet something to witness instant bonding.

And of course, I must include one last character, the one we all know and love, Inora.
Background: Blinded by a society bully, parents killed by the same bully, and the outcast of his society of werewolves (different from a pack, societies are communities of werewolves living together), Inora was neglected as a young pup and grew up bitter. His world was pitch black until he met a powerful Lethroe, a Dark of the Lone Wolf Pack, Shadow. In anger she cuffed him and a bit of her magic restored his sight. He joined the Lone Wolf in their journeys until he meets the Outcasts. What is left of them, Tamiki, Aurum, and Flamdura, accept him into their pack. He began to feel loved for once and defended the Outcasts loyally, until a power within him was unleashed...

His say: Well, I already talk to much on this blog. So why bother typing about myself? 

Well then. Alright, I better go do something else. See you blogworld. Hope you liked that!