Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I agree on so many levels, Bleah

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Today, I raced home and opened my email...and screamed, bouncing in my seat. My screen beheld the word "Barnes and Nobel" and "your books have arrived". As soon as my mom got home we went right to the beloved store, and I was happy.

Before I could get my new books though, my mom wanted to go look at some in the store. So I wandered, found a book that I couldn't buy, sat right where I was (I have a habit of sitting in bookstores right by the shelves....) and began to read. My mom came to get me and I smiled and said:

"Could you look some more?" But alas, we went and got my books.

My two brand new Yu-Gi-Oh books. *screeeeeee* *fweeee* *fwaaaaa* ~love~

Also, Bleah talked about writing to her future (actual) husband. I found that a really neat idea and commented that wouldn't it be neat to hand your husband on your wedding day/honeymoon and say "I wrote this for you for when you came to me."

And then I realized how God says that to us. He wrote His letter to us (Bible, people), and is waiting for us to come to Him.

Ah, the sweetness of life.

Anyway. Did I mention I love THUNDERSTORMS?! You bet I do. We just got hit with a major one. Story: my family was riding in the car, and I saw a brilliant bolt of lightning, and made a noise like a hyena and a laugh of joy. It was quiet funny.

Well, later blogworld!




♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Haha I love you too Icewolf. :)

Um, one is made for you and placed in the HTML of your blog. WOULD YOU LIKE ONE??? because Bleah knows how to make them... JUST A THOUGHT!



Icewolf said...

Yush, that would be fantabulous. (Preferred text: ~Icewolf and characters) Thanks!

The Golden Eagle said...

I love thunderstorms too. :)