Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tra la la

Yeah, I've probably used that title somewhere. Oh freaking well.

So, as asked by Nicki T. in my last post: What am I currently working on now that Outcasts is finished? And what is Soul of Fire about?

I love those kind of questions. :)

Well, I'm working on Soul of Fire a TON, because my ninja urges me to do so. And it's the highlight of his night, so who am I to deny him?! Anyhow, I'm hesitant to post some of it, due to the fact that I want to finish it before I show a mass amount of people.

Soul of Fire:

The story starts off with Ryia falling off a cliff, to put it bluntly. She (in dragon form) is then taken in the care of a group of dragons. Meet Xeon, Hinky, Girnio, Ginny, Gareth, and Nanua.

Xeon: black dragon with blue eyes. Playful and yet serious at the same time. Looks after Hinky most of the time. No type.

Hinky: small smoky red she-dragon with green eyes. Rarely talks, shy, but is extremely affectionate of Ryia and Xeon. No type.

Girnio: blue speckled dragon with yellow eyes (you know him!!!). The writer dragon.

Ginny: Orange she dragon, green eyes. Fiery attitude. Mediation dragon.

Gareth: Huge black dragon with pale eyes. Currently you don't know what type of dragon he is.

Nanua: Creamy-white she-dragon with stormy gray eyes. Grumpy most of the time. Healer dragon.

So, eventually Ryia realizes she's lost her memories. Throughout adventures in the forest she figures out she used to be human, and also a servant in a palace. Her and her friends travel to find her lost memories.

Somewhere in there they are threatened by the Kriqu, a race of beasts that thrive to kill humans. They frequently attack Ryia, even in dragon form, because they still sense she is human.

It's a bit complex to explain, so if you didn't understand, I'm sorry.

Icewolf out! XD


Squeaks said...

lol XD I like the idea! Cool characters :)


Anonymous said...

Sounds cool! You know, they think there's a possibility that dragons might be real, or have been once.

Icewolf said...

Squeaks: Thanks! :D
Anonymous: I know, but I'm not quiet sure what I think about that...

The Golden Eagle said...

It sounds like a great story--and I love the sound of the characters!

Well, there are Komodo dragons. They don't exactly have wings, but they exist. :D

Scezzle said...

That's awesome! I wish I could read the whole thing!

Scezzle said...

Yea, but Komodo dragons, aren't really...dragons. I'm not really sure what to think about whether dragons are real or not either.

I have a queeeestion...
I was wondering if you could give me that code for that blogversary thing that you have on the side of your blog?

Sofia said...



skyracer259 said...

Hey could you send me a message ur a really good writer maybe we could get in touch! send me a message plz!

Icewolf said...

Eagle: I agree with Scezzle, it's not a real dragon. XD
Scezzle: One day you shall!
Sofia: Thanks!
Skyracer: Message via what? And I don't mind talking via comments. I don't know you that well/at all, so I'm slightly skeptical about the 'getting in touch' thing.

Jayden Black said...


skyracer259 said...

oh yeah! didnt mean to be creepy... lol check out my blog plz! i have a story (or part of one) that i would like you to read. by the way ur a great writer!

Icewolf said...

Skyracer: It's alright! And sure, I'll check your blog out! Thanks! :)

skyracer259 said...

oh and plz read the story on there and if you did, what did you think?

-@ugie the craziest person in the world