Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thanks you Skyracer!

So I check our your blog, and was surprised to see a post for yours truly! Thanks. :)

As for the 'amazing writer' compliment, if you've read what I currently have up, Soul Of Fire is better. Or at least I think. I have to confer with my ninja to see if he'll let me give you guys a taste. Who knows? Maybe he'll semi-join us in the blogging world.

Hold on....*goes to iTunes and puts on a better song* Don't you hate it when stupid songs come on? I do.

*coughs* Ahem. Sorry, side-tracked. I'm thinking, since everyone is hosting a contest of their own, I want to see how many followers (I count my commenters as my followers, not who's following my blog) pay attention. ;)

So my contest is, as a writer myself, to judge a writing contest! Please note this is my first contest that involves written entries. So if I fail for whatever reason, that would be it.

-Uh, not too long please. I have a short attention span sometimes. XD But I don't really care how long or short it is. Enjoy the flow of writing!
-Entered by...oh let's is Thursday, right? How about I'll end this thing on next Wednesday. That gives you little less than a week
-Post the entry on your blog, and send me a link via comment box below this post!
- HAVE FUN. Writing is meant for fun. Strange as it is ("writing? You mean like, words? And pencils? And coming up with stories?" <-- my imitation of a ditz).

Until later!


The Crazy Aug said...

hey thanks for the mention!! do you have to have a full story or can it be part of one?

The Crazy Aug said...

oh by the way i am skyracer

Icewolf said...

I figured as much. And it can be either.

The Crazy Aug said...

thanks and i was talking about for the other people who comment lol. I gotta start working!

Whiskfang said...

well i cant participate since i can't write. Aug knows that

The Crazy Aug said...

lol Whiskfang. Anyone can write! anyways icewolf i awarded u with an awesome award its on my home page go over there and put it on your home page!

The Golden Eagle said...

I don't like it when stupid songs come on, either. :P It's annoying!

I think I might just enter this; it's been a while since I wrote anything besides rewrites for my novel. :D

Sofia said...

I would enter if I had a blog! :D

But I have been considering recently, starting one. I dunno. Maybe.

Whiskfang said...

Pleas look at my blog again.Im more active!!!

The Crazy Aug said...

me and whisk fang are making one

Scezzle said...

I might enter...if I can think of a plot in time.

The Crazy Aug said... theres the story