Thursday, June 16, 2011

Writing and such

I must attribute Jayden for inspiration for this post. Thank you, Jayden!

So questions you might be asked in your writing life is "Why do you write?" and "When did you start writing?"

Heh. To keep the insanity from taking over, why else? Well, that's not really the reason. ;) One reason for me personally would be to get some stories out there that I think would be a great story. Let's go back in time. See young Icewolf? Say hi, Young-Icewolf! Anyway, when I was younger, I would search and search for specific story plots, but would never find them in my libraries. So I came up with a brilliant idea.

Why don't I write them myself?

Granted, my first 20-some stories were AWFUL. Like, really awful. To the point where I disown them. And I could never stick with a story. Eventually I got stubborn and stuck to a story. Welcome to the point in time called Outcasts. I'm not sure how many of my current followers were with me at that time, when Outcasts was still a major part of this blog. But it was most of my thoughts.

Oops, getting off track....but I wrote cause there were so many ideas I had for the writing world. Also, characters and scenes would come into my mind and a story would unfold from there. I prefer not to know the finer details of the story. I know the beginning, where the story needs to go, and how it needs to end. The rest? That's up to the story. It'll evolve on it's own.

So, in my thinking of what to write next, I'll give a brief history of Icewolf's writings.

I started with mini-stories, and the first one I ever completed was 20 pages (if I recall correctly) with 20 font. It was HORRIBLE. Then we have the stories worked on with a friend of mine, involving many made-up creatures. Those, too, were in my opinion not worthy of mention. Now we zoom over a gray area of which I forget what happened in my writing life, and over to Outcasts. Skip that chunk of time, and we come to SOF.

Ah, SOF. I won't go into detail, cause I know you guys can't read it, but let's just say, I think this one is going to go somewhere. Like, it has a real good chance of being published (according to my ninja). So, if you see a book called Soul of Fire by Stephanie Sky, it's mine. :) But most likely I will have posted in a HUUUUUUGGGEEEE explosion of happiness if I was sent a letter from a publisher saying yes, so you'll all have fair warning.



Jayden Black said...

I know how you feel! I remember being young and being EXTREMELY picky about novels. Not many plots would keep me reading... I'm definitely with you on that one! Just do it yourself! :) Thanks for the shout-out!

Scezzle said...

*Waves to young Icewolf*
Cool!!! Although I can't relate to being picky when I was younger. I think I'm more picky now. :P XD

Shimmer the Cat (Bridgie) said...

WOW ICEWOLF! That is so cool. Sorry I haven't commented in awhile. :P Anywho, I love your little timeline. Who's your publisher? :D

Sofia said...

Hi young Icewolf! I've always just read anything and everything I could get my hands on-- I was never too picky. :D


Icewolf said...

Jayden: You're welcome! :)
Scezzle: Yeah, I'm like that too. XD
Shimmer: I don't have a publisher, yet. :( But hopefully one day!
Sofia: Unfortunately, young-Icewolf was. :D

Sofia said...

Yes, when I was younger, I wasn't too picky. Now though, I'm more picky. I spend hours on Amazon just flipping through books trying to find one or two (or twenty) books that I like.