Thursday, June 9, 2011

I even gave you guys an extra day....:(

So far, there have been no links to my blog for me to see stories for my contest. The end date was supposed to be yesterday, but alas none. So, extremely limited offer! Today and only today am I still accepting entries. Post a link via comment box to your entry, please! The winner gets the latest Icewolf Photography picture, not yet seen before!



The Crazy Aug said... Thats my entry!

Sofia said...

Eagle did it-- it's on her blog, a few posts down. Just scroll through them and you'll find it. Hope this helps!


Icewolf said...

Thanks to both of you!

Scezzle said...

Kay, I'm late, but I've been busy. Could I enter what I have written so far on my Silver Moon story? It's on PAWS, on one of the pages at the top. I'm HOPING you've read it already.

The Golden Eagle said...

I completely forgot to give you my link! Sorry about that. :(

Here it is: