Friday, May 6, 2011

Via Boredom

It means no worries, for the rest of your daaaaayyysss....

Yeah, in drama class we're doing a musical unit, and my group is doing Lion King, Hakuna Matata. And I *bows* am Timon. Suspending our disbelief (as my old english teacher would say), despite the fact that Timon is a guy, I'm still willingly playing the role. The movie/script is something everyone knows, so I'm hoping there will be no complications with memorizing.

*leans back in my chair* I know the issue about the ICF has come and passed, and I'm sorry we didn't do anything for it. Shimmer doesn't seem like she'll be coming back, but I still want to give a brief spotlight on Inora. He's been such a wonderful character.

Inora: You mean, the only character would put up with you
Icewolf: Oh shush, you. Just because you're on holiday doesn't mean -
Inora: Holiday?! Is that what you're calling it now? Just admit it will you? Outcasts is over. It failed.
Icewolf: *winces* It didn't fail.
Inora: Did.
Icewolf: It was too many books in the series! I couldn't uphold it! Even if I had shortened it, it would still have been too much! *whimpers* I'm so sorry.
Inora: Stop apologizing. At least I'm still alive. *presses hands to his forehead to suppress a headache*
Icewolf: *to bloggers* Usually when I drop a story the characters fade away. But I'm planning on using this lump of fur again *nudges Inora* for future stories.
Tamiki: Don't worry, Inny! It isn't as bad as you think! Look at me!
Inora: I'm seeing you.
Tamiki: I'm a walking fail! *laughs lightly* I've already been in about 3 stories, all of which were discontinued!
Inora: *mutters* You're a walking fail all right...
Icewolf: So yeah, Inora's in somewhat of a shock. It's new for him.
Tamiki: Don't be such a worry-wart!
Inora: Shut up before I kill you.
Icewolf: *sighs happily* How I missed you guys.
Akov: *hanging from a tree by his legs, arms folded across his chest* So, are we done with the annoyances yet?
Inora: *leaping to his feet* Are you saying I'm an annoyance?!
Inora: *stunned*
Tamiki: *laughs* Inny, you got to figure out your place.
Crystal: Yeah, cause you're definitely below my ranking *drapes and arm over Inora's shoulder*
Inora: *bristling, but trying to stay calm*
Icewolf: Eh heh heh....*takes Inora's hand and pulls him away from Crystal* *he un-tenses, but still hostile* *lets go of Inora's hand, worried of his temper* Maybe I should end this....
Inora: *wolf ears flick in annoyance*
Icewolf: That's all for now blogworld! ;) *click*


Squeaks said...

looool, your poor characters XD I feel for them. So far none of my characters have made it through from one book to another, however with my villain Omriel I just might have to use him somewhere else :P Hope you have a great day!!


Oakfang/Swiftclaw/Ambertail/Yellowheart said...

Inny has found his place hes #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sofia said...

Aww, poor Inny. Crystal is very awesome, by the way.


Icewolf said...

Squeaks: Yeah, I feel for them too. :( But it isn't unusual for me to 'recycle' characters. Inora: Ugh, that's such a horrible term.
Oakfang: *cocks my head* Were you previously Whiskfang before? Cause I looked at your profile and it looked similar...
Sofia: Yeah, Inora's been a pain. XD Inora: Darn you. Darn you all. Me: Can you see why? And thanks, Crystal appreciates your compliment. :)

Oakfang/Swiftclaw/Ambertail/Yellowheart said...

Yah you can also tell by my obsession with Inny!!!!!!!