Friday, May 13, 2011

Tons of 'why'

Why can't people accept compliments if the person really and truly means it? Are they so scared to accept a truth that is different from what they've originally known? Why? Why can't people see that they are beautiful people? Why can't they see that no matter how bad they've gotten they are still loved? That they can be forgiven? Can people not see when I mean what I say?

Why is it so hard for people to accept it when I say stuff like 'I think you look really pretty today?' Said that to a friend today and you know what her reply was?

"So I wasn't pretty yesterday?"

Ugh. I wanted to punch her. SORRY if I truly though she looked nice today. Sorry I took the time to compliment her and mean it.

So I just wanted to say that if people compliment you, please don't do that and be sarcastic about it. Say thank you. ACCEPT IT.

I think every single one of my friends are pretty and lovely people. It's just something where I see the best in everyone. And I love giving compliments.

If only people accepted them.



Scezzle said...

Book blogger says things like that to me often. :P :D ha ha. no really.

I am very sarcastic, but I don't say stuff like that unless I'm feeling really...sarcastic. :P When I play video games that I suck at, I begin to get uncontroably sarcastic. It's creepy weird.

Icewolf said...

Inora: Sarcasm is a fine art.
Icewolf: I'm so sure.
Inora: Hence, my argument is proven correct.

book blogger said...

I can't believe you said that, Scezzle! Even if it is completely true...*Clears throat* Yup, I can be quite sarcastic at times. Especially to Scezzle. Maybe I should add that to my profile info.

book blogger said...

Oh yeah, and it's good to have you back, Icewolf!

♥book blogger

Nicki T. said...

Very funny, everybody! And a very excellent point, Icewolf.

book blogger said...

Can I PLEASE know how old you are? Pretty please? If I guess your age, would you tell it to me?