Saturday, May 7, 2011

Icewolf's chosen pen name

So, for a while I've been pondering a pen name for myself and behold! Tis accomplished. I have found one I am most proud of. *drum roll*



See, Stephanie is a great name, and is also the name of my old english teacher who gave me much support with writing my stories. And Sky because I've always wanted to fly.

Stephanie Sky.


I'm so excited. :D


Scezzle said...

But are you still going by good old 'Icewolf'?

Sofia said...

Awesome! That's really fun, Icewolf!


Squeaks said...

O.O no more Icewolf??? :( It's a nice pen name, however I really really really like the name Icewolf :D it's so unique and special!


book blogger said...

Sounds like a good name to me. But on blogger I think you should stick with Icewolf!

Icewolf said...

All: Aw, I'm sorry guys! I didn't mean it was going to be my blogger name! I meant that if I ever get published, that's what my pen name would be.

book blogger said...

Icewolf: When you did those daisy pictures on your photography blog, it inspired me to take some myself! You can find them in my most recent post: Or you can just type in the address to my blog:

♥Book blogger

The Golden Eagle said...

I love the story behind the pen name. :)

But I'm glad you're still going to go by Icewolf! It's a cool name.

Jayden Black said...

LOVE it Icewolf!!! Totally AWESOME!!!!!


Scezzle said...


What's the story behind your name? And what's the full story behind ICF??? How did it get started? How did you get the idea to make it a holiday?
(You could make a post about it. I'd really love to know.)

Nicki T. said...

Stephanie Sky is a nice name.

Nicki T. said...

You should draw your characters and post their pictures on a page, along with a bio. That would be cool.

Icewolf said...

Niki: Great idea! I'll do that in the next post for you! :)