Sunday, May 22, 2011


*flicks my hand repeatedly* I sorta know what addictions are like now. I got burned today (long story...) and I've become addicted to ice packs. It KILLS taking the ice off though. So right now I'm trying to brave it without the ice's working so far..........

So, about Outcasts. Well, yeah. It was getting way out of hand. I love the story/idea/characters, but it was getting way too much for me to handle. Besides I'm trying to accomplish something with Soul of Fire (which I am not posting due to secrecy reasons XD ).

OOOOOOOHHHH. My finger KILLS. Note to self: being burned, not good.

Signed with an aching thumb,


The Golden Eagle said...

I hope your finger heals soon! That sounds really painful. :(

Icewolf said...

Trust me, it is....only once you get over the ice addiction everything's all good. :)

book blogger said...

I burned myself recently, on a bagel! I had it in the toaster for too long, and when I pulled it out, I burned one of my fingers. It hurt for the rest of the day and I got HUGE blister there.

♥book blogger

Nicki T. said...

Hope your hand heals quickly. I have a sunburn on one arm and going in a ring around my neck. And I still have a scar from one I got pulling paska buns out of the oven. Brushed my arm against the edge of the oven. Ouch.

Icewolf said...

Book blogger: I think burns via bagels are the best burns. XD
Nicki: Thanks! And may I ask what paska buns are?

book blogger said...

They are! At least you get something out of the deal, even if they burn your tongue!

Paska buns are awesome! They are a sweet easter bread that you put icing on. I think they're a mennonite thing. I put a picture of them in my post, here's the link:

My family and I always have them around easter every year. (Yeah, Nicki's part of my family)

Nicki T. said...

What are you working on now outcasts is discontinued? Aside from Soul of Fire? What is Soul of Fire about anyway?

Scezzle said...

Get better soon!
Now that you`re not doing Outcasts, do you think you could put up the rest of the story*Question Mark* (You do have more of the story than what`s up, right*Question Mark*) My question mark isn`t working. It just looks like this:
I don`t know how to turn it off. :P

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I realized i forgot my contest! I`ll post soon!!!

Jayden Black said...

Butter or ketchup always help my burns!! :) Feel better!

Icewolf said...

Book blogger: Interesting....:D
Nicki: I shall answer in a post for thou.
Scezzle: Thanks! The rest of what story?
Jayden: K-ketchup?! O.o???