Thursday, May 5, 2011


You know what is energy-consuming? Dirt. You know why? A bunch of dirt in a wheelbarrow is hard to move places. Also, doing that same action numerous times tends to have an effect on your limbs and body.

Basically, Icewolf has been carting dirt all day after school. My arms feel really heavy and the expression on my face is one of a dope's. And so I'm screwing homework for a while to just let myself, you know, relax via computer.

Which is sorta weird when you think about it. I don't know why, it just is.

So I saw some new followers! Welcome!!! I'm surprised you found meh in my time of absence, but no worries! :D

Recently, I have let Outcasts sorta settle down and decided to work on something else called Soul of Fire. It's about dragons. Surprise, huh? XD Anyway, I'm planning on keeping this one a secret for the most part because I think this one has a good chance of getting published. So for safety reasons, I shall not. So far though, I have about 50 pages or more, so I'm hoping to at least triple that.

Ugh, tired. I'm off to catch up on posts.

Signed with blank stares,


book blogger said...

Are you going to post on your photography blog again? I loved your pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

Scezzle said...

Glad you're back!
Hope you get well rested tonight!
Blank stares. They happen to me all the time. Did you know that teenagers need almost as much sleep as a baby? I believe it! I'm so tired. *Yawn*

The Golden Eagle said...

I hope you get some rest after all that dirt-carting. It sounds tiring!

The new story sounds great! :)

Icewolf said...

Book blogger: I'll try! I have some new pics. :)
Scezzle: Trust me, I know! Sleep is just something that continues to elude me...
Eagle: Thanks! I did and so far the story is turning out great!

Sofia said...

Fun! A new story!

Dirt-carting is very exhausting. :D You should try brick-carting! We had like, three hundred bricks in our backyard from when we tore an old chimney out of our kitchen. We ended up selling them though. Well... there are still random bricks in our backyard... But most of them got sold.

Blah. Sorry for a long, rambling comment.