Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tra la la la

*rubs my eyes* I'm tired, but I guess I'll post, seeing since I haven't done so in a while and I have free time.

Hello again, blogworld! Summer after vacations seem to drag on by. There's school work and then...nothing. Absolutely nothing to do. Honestly, I'd rather be at school where I'm doing SOMETHING. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the extra time to write, but my brain usually dies quickly. Seriously, I got half a page written before I couldn't write any more for fear of writing something like this:

She turned around. He smiled. He stepped forward. Pronoun action. Pronoun verb. Pronoun verb.

Oh, so with my random brain of mine, I relate love to math:

You know it exists but don't understand it until someone comes along and shows you what it means.

BOOM. ~win~

Inora: You are such a dork.
Icewolf: Why, thank you!
Inora: *sighs and falls over*
Icewolf: Oh yeah, when my brain dies, all my characters become lethargic.
Inora: Why am I still here...?
Icewolf: Cause you'll be a character again soon.
Flamdura: She made me into a character again!
Inora: I was NEVER a character to begin with! I never got to be in a story yet! I have no experience!
Icewolf: I know the feeling...
Inora: *glare* No you don't!
Icewolf: Hm? Oh, you. Yeah, but you were one of my strongest non-characaters.
Icewolf: What is up with you today?!?
Ryia: He's just being his normal self.
Inora: Shut up.
Ryia: See?
Tamiki: Hey, Icewolf, am I still alive?
Icewolf: Of course you are.

See, among the troubles I get when I 'fail' a story, is deciding which characters live or die in my mind. It's kind of sad. In Outcasts, Xela, Kayla, Emmy, and Dragon died to me. Somehow Aurum, Flamdura, Tamiki, and maybe Ironamo lives. It's not something I choose, really, but some characters just simply DIE and I can't use them again. Other I can. Like Flamdummy, he was in Soul of Fire.

Ah, brain died.


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