Saturday, July 30, 2011

The days seem to meld into one another until they all seem like MONDAY BUT TODAY IS SATURDAY AND IT'S SCARY CAUSE I HATE MONDAYS AND LOVE SATURDAYS AND DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!

I'd laugh if my post is shorter than my title...

But it won't be! I promise. And I like to keep my promises!

So update with Icewolf: I've been writing, dying, writing, dying, sleeping, writing, dying. Etc. I've started a sequel to SOF, called Heart of Ice. Elemials (the fire cat story I'm posted) is coming along bit by bit, and I have yet to add my corrections to SOF. Editing is PAiNfuL! And my writer friends would agree. But I want this to be in the best condition if I'm going to consider publishing it, so I'm going to run it by my mom.

She helped me win a contest, so I think she'll help me at least get a chance to be published. *crosses fingers so hard they hurt and I wince*

I'll be trying the same publisher I tried for Outcasts, Flux. And I'll force myself to do research.

Hmmm...what else can I talk about? I can review Captain America...

I saw it yesterday and I have to say, brilliant! Gory at some points and brutal at others, but it was well-done and I enjoyed watching it.

Also, I'm currently reading Book Thief. AMAZING book by the way! It's written in the POV of Death, and it's so interesting. Very long though, I must warn those who would like to read it. Ten parts. XD

Ah well. Signing off!



The Golden Eagle said...


Good luck with your story! :)

Most of the reviews I've read about Captain America have been positive . . . not really sure it's something I want to see though.

I loved The Book Thief!

Icewolf said...

Dying as in death? And thanks! Book thief is the best!

Nicki T. said...

How long is each part? The longer the book, the better!

Icewolf said...

It varies, but the book in total is over 100 pages and 4 parts, so roughly 20-25 pages each.