Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mini tutorial

I just felt the random need to post a tutorial for my minis. :) They're basically chibi-based cats/wolves...I really can't do much else. XD For those of you who haven't seen them before here are some samples:
ICF comic, I was bored one time. XD

This is my chibi-cat form, a ginger tabby. I have no idea what I'm wearing, but it looks kinda cool. 

And for the tutorial!!! *click to see bigger*

Step 1: Draw a circle. I personally use guidelines, but that's optional though recommended most highly. Sorry if you can't see that very well...
Step 2: Draw the cheek/chin line, and if you're using the guidelines, you'll see each corner touches the end of one line.
Step 3: Add ears, and a tuft of fur if you desire. The ears start at the top of the head, and end up by the cheek line. 
Step 4: Add oval-ish lines to the ears as shown. 
Step 5:'s kinda hard to explain, but what you're going to do is add eyes. Guideline users: The bottoms of the eyes rest on the horizontal guideline, and evenly apart from the vertical line.
Step 6: Add eyebrows. Essentially it's a curve over the eye, and a straight line from the curve pointing to the corner of the eye you're drawing it to. 
Step 7: Mouths! Later I'll show you more designs. But notice that the mouth is centered on the vertical line.
Step 8: Erase your extra lines and add a blush sort of thing...but that is optional. 
Step 9: Add the body, and erase the tip of the chin. Now, you could leave it like this (I usually do) and add your choice of pattern. But if you wanted to go full out...
Step 10: Draw your limbs and tail in any position
Step 11: Add clothing of desire. 




Scezzle said...

WOW! Thank you for posting that. I REALLY needed help with my minis.

Jenna Blake Morris said...

Those are really cute! Thanks for sharing.

Nicki T. said...

Can you choose another situation on World of Whatnot? Maybe an underwater cavern or something?

Icewolf said...

Scezzle: Welcome! I saw that post you with your drawings and was kind of like "Hey, that looks a bit like mine..." And then I saw you used my tutorial. :) So I made a mini tutorial for you.
JBM: Welcome! :)
Nicki: Great idea!