Sunday, September 23, 2012

Heart Breaks and New Beginnings

A chapter in my life has recently closed, and my heart has never felt so surreal. I don't need to go into detail (that would be pointless for you guys...) but the story is I broke up with my boyfriend. Nothing overly dramatic happened to make this happen, it just didn't work out. But now that I've gone through this I can write about heartaches from experience...

And despite the pain and the would left behind, I'm offered a new beginning, which is beautiful.

If you could keep me in your prayers, that would be nice. If you don't pray, wish me luck then.


*Note: Suggestions for topics to discuss would be great!


Sprinkles (Sophie) said...


Uh topics...
well obviously I love your writing,
so writing snippets,
writing pointers,
but I'd also love to see some more of your art. :)

Sprinkles (Sophie) said...

*looking back at my past comments*
I was so stupidly immature.
I guess,
in my defense I was what, 11?